Writer: Bill Would Make Late-term Abortions Easier Oct 7 2019 3 that doctor

Oct. 7, 2019 Editor, The News-Gazette:

Last week I was accused of only writing my opinion. However, my “opinion” was based on facts. Although abortion is currently legal in Virginia, House Bill No. 2491 (supported and promoted by Planned Parenthood and defeated by 1 vote in last year’s legislative session) sought to remove the following key elements.

1 - that a doctor must inform patient of both the positive and negatives of the abortion procedure and remove current requirement for a doctor to inform patient of alternatives to abortion including services, agencies and programs that exist including adoption;

2 - changes requirements for facilities that perform abortion including removing word “must” have life support equipment;

3 - that only one doctor (instead of current doctor and two consulting doctors) needs to certify the abortion is needed to prevent the death of the woman or to stave off “substantial and irremediable” harm to her mental or physical health; and removes the words “substantial and irremediable”;

4 – removes all mention of ultrasound technology or use; and removes the right of a women to cancel her consent for an abortion at any time.

The proposed law seeks to make late-term abortion easier and more common. Please read the bill and decide if you want these changes to existing laws in Virginia because the Democrats have promised to pass this law if they take control of the legislature.



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