Writer’s Comment About West Virginia ‘Not Funny’

Feb. 11, 2021

Editor, The News-Gazette:

Something about the letter from John Sappington (Feb. 3 issue) struck a nerve.

A veiled attempt at humor, I suppose on his part, that added no merit to his concerns and questions about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

I was born and raised in Rockbridge County. Twentyfour years of my life were spent there. Thirty-two years of my life, I have been a proud citizen of Pendleton County, West Virginia.

Mr. Sappington needs to get out more. He may see a few interesting sites in the hills and hollows of Rockbridge County.

I take great umbrage at comments made from ignorance. Mr. Sappington, and a great many others, seems to think he knows something that is very contrary to the full truth.

I hope Mr. Sappington takes no offense, but he is not funny! Though, he does have valid concerns and questions, like everyone across our country, in regards to the COVID-19 vaccine.


Pendleton County, West Virginia

Editor’s note: For those who don’t have a copy of the Feb. 3 issue before them, John Sappington referred to West Virginia as the “Dental Hygiene State” in his letter about the vaccine rollout in Virginia.

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