What Is BV’s ‘New Vision’?

Jan. 13, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette;

I am a citizen of Buena Vista and this is neither a voice of support or opposition of the City Council’s decision to remove Jay Scudder as city manager.

What I have observed over the tenure of Mr. Scudder is that the city has had tremendous economic challenges in the wake of the recession of the mid-2000s, the subsequent fallout and failures of Vista Links and the rising cost of governing a small independent city.

Through all of that, I believe Mr. Scudder has faced all of this and make many courageous decisions keeping Buena Vista afloat.

What I do find curious is the reasoning the current mayor offered to rationalize the decision. He stated he wants a “new vision.” It is the job of the city manager to implement and administer that vision. Is the mayor implying that he wants to shop for a vision? Find a new vision to his liking?

As a past Council member, I sat next to the current mayor before he was mayor and never heard a peep out of him about his vision. For that matter, he rarely participated in the debate of the issues of the day. So as a citizen of a city that I love, I am anxious to hear what that “new vision” is exactly.