Trump Unjustly Reviled

Sept. 9, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

Abraham Lincoln once said if America falls, it will be from within. The events taking place in America today, Lincoln’s words ring close to home. Unfortunately, our country is divided. I believe President Trump is keeping America the Republic she truly is.

Hillary lost the election, and President Trump’s been reviled by the elite and left and daunted with falsehoods and enormous contempt with scorching lies of collusion. He’s blamed for Barbra Streisand’s weight gain, government shutdowns, COVID-19, and when the Dow Jones Average drops. However, when it goes up, Obama did it!

Abraham Lincoln was also reviled and blamed for everything awry, was harshly criticized for his lack of education, his speeches, his appearance and his humble background. Public reactions were so unfavorable on election night, he was disguised and smuggled into the Capital. Like Trump, Lincoln refused to take criticism to heart and went on to win the reelection leading the North to victory when General Lee surrendered, ending the Civil War.

The only solution to our country’s downfall is to turn to God and humble ourselves to pray for our nation and leaders. Voting starts soon, so let your voice be heard.


Rockbridge County

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