Trump’s Tariffs Cancerous To Farmers

Sept. 9, 2019 Editor, The News-Gazette:

“Make America Great Again” was the trademark and cry that brought Trump to victory and it has always confused me. For me, there has never been a time when America wasn’t great so I just didn’t get what he meant. One of the most important aspects of our greatness has always been our family farms.

After all, earlier generations of farmers literally carved our nation out of .wilderness, unifying the vast distances with their farms, placed like telephone poles - long distances apart, yet tying us together.

They have been the backbone of our nation ever since.

Recently, on two different programs I saw the president of the Nebraska Corn Growers association, Dan Nerud, and Bob Kuylen, vice president of the North Dakota farmers union, being interviewed. The concerns they expressed for our family farms were huge. The tariffs Trump had imposed had cost them most of their markets needed to sell their products and lowered the commodities prices as well. Bob said he had lost $400,000 this year himself.

As a fourth generation farmer, he had the equity in his land to borrow money to get through the lean times, but the newer, younger farmers had no such luxury and were now facing losing everything. He said if something isn’t done to turn the economic tide, we’ll be facing a “bloodbath” of bankruptcies come spring.

Is this “Making America Great?” When our family farms are threatened we lose so much -- even our ability to provide food for our citizens. Trump’s tariffs have been like a cancer to the very spinal cord of our nation. If this continues, come spring we could be missing quite a few vertebrae from the very backbone of our country, weakening it on all fronts and adding to the recession looming on the horizon.

Perhaps Trump’s new campaign slogan in 2020 should be “Make America Grieve Again.”



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