There’s A New Dan In Town

There’s A New Dan In Town

DAN DICKMAN (right), shown with longtime Lexington Edward Jones financial adviser Dan Vance, will be opening up a Edward Jones office in Buena Vista.

Edward Jones Office Opening In Former Amish Cupboard Space

Editor’s note: We’d like to introduce you to Dan Dickman, an Edward Jones financial adviser who is opening up a new office in Buena Vista, in the former location of the Amish Cupboard. What follows is his story, in his own words.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”- Albert Einstein.

For those who know me and for those I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet, this quote is the foundation of my life and my business. I grew up in a very small farm town called Greene, N.Y., where there is nothing but dairy farms and cornfields (a little smaller than Buena Vista). It is the type of town where everybody knows everyone, football is what you watch on Friday nights and factory work is what you do when you graduate high school.

Growing up, I had two very inspiring parents, Rebekah and Robert Dickman and a younger brother, Tyler, who taught me my biggest lesson in life. I will always remember the story my father told me about the time my mother stood outside in a snow storm, pregnant with me, waiting for the bus to come and take her to work because they couldn’t afford a car.

Before the age of 10, we lived in a beat down trailer that, at one point, had sewage running underneath it and then moved to a house we called the “rat house” because rats would run under our beds at night. We, as a family, struggled; however, it was at that point that my parents became inspiring. My father set aside his dreams, and my mother began her mission to go to college to become a nurse practitioner. My mother worked and went to school full time, my father worked a job he hated so he could put food on the table, and debt seemed to be the only thing to grow. From the moment I entered college and came back from a mission trip to Haiti, I knew what I wanted to do, become a financial adviser.

So how did I end up in Rockbridge County? I worked for a financial firm all throughout college and joined Edward Jones when I graduated. Edward Jones required I move to St. Louis for six months to train to be a business owner. I took the only $1,000 dollars I had, my air mattress and my only three suits and headed out. I hated the idea of growing a business in New York.

Two weeks before the program ended, I met a Edward Jones adviser from Winchester who invited me down to Virginia. When I drove through Rockbridge County, I said, “This is where I want to be.”

So, I turned down the opportunity to inherit a $50 million office in New York and left my family to move and grow a business in Buena Vista.

I have always been passionate about building a business with my own two hands, and that’s what I’m doing. This year my mother earned her nurse practitioner degree and now does what she loves and my brother graduates from college with a President List GPA in homeland security.

My mother and father proved that no matter your education or background, you can be whatever you want with hard work and imagination. My brother taught me to laugh once in a while because life is too short to be serious all the time.

Now that I am settling into the community, I am involved with Buena Vista Rotary Club, GoBV, Lexington-Rockbridge Chamber of Commerce and I am one of the Jaycees’ vice presidents.

Empowering my clients to reach their financial goals is my passion. My focus is to help people become confident in the financial decisions they make while feeling heard and understood. I want people to understand no matter where you are in life, financial freedom is possible with hard work and imagination.

My dream is to give back to my parents, have them retire and live debt free for helping me achieve my goals.

Serving as your financial adviser, I want my clients to realize their dreams and goals as well.