Street Renaming Letter ‘Ill-Written’

April 26, 2021

Editor, The News-Gazette:

Ramona Hazera took a lot of liberties in her letter to the editor regarding street name changes! I am not the leader of this movement! The comments I made to the Lexington City Council on Zoom were my own. I was not speaking for 50 Ways Rockbridge or any other group.

I also take exception to Hazera’s accusation: “the underlying intention of 50 Ways was revealed in the letter that Mr. Donald Sensabaugh, a Lexington homeowner and 50 Ways petition signatory, sent to City Council and the goal is to rename all streets the group finds offensive.”

How does Hazera connect one person’s opinion as the goal of 50 Ways? Does she know that members of our community unaffiliated with this group signed the petition? I don’t know if Mr. Sensabaugh is a member of 50 Ways but the group is open and inclusive.

In accusing me of leading this effort, Hazera puts me in harm’s way in the event some unhinged person decides to take things in their own hands to further the Confederate cause. These are dangerous times.

I stand by my comments which I made in separate Zoom meetings with the City Council. I am NOT the leader of the street renaming effort and not in the inner circle of any of the groups involved in it. I’m a member of 50 Ways but not very involved at this time. I’m angry this letter was published without any fact checking whatsoever!

If Hazera sees veiled accusations of racism, she should examine her own interpretation of the movement. Wanting to change street names that continue the legacy of the lost cause and create divisions in our community is not bigoted. Signing petitions is not intolerant. Hazera only shows her ignorance on this topic in her ill written letter!



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