Street Renaming Issue About ‘Who We Honor’

April 21, 2021 Editor, The News-Gazette:

My position on the street name change issue is that City Council should rename all streets directly associated with the Confederacy.

At present, that is a different view than the one expressed by 50 Ways Rockbridge, which has called for five specific streets to be renamed. I disagree with the policy passed by City Council because Lexington’s streets are held in common by all citizens of Lexington, not just the homeowners on those streets.

In response to Ramona Hazera’s letter, I am not indifferent to the burdens that would be placed on those residents. I believe that City Council should set aside funds for the homeowners affected to alleviate any costs associated with renaming the streets.

Renaming streets directly tied to the Confederacy is not about erasing history. The history of this area remains the same even if Lee Avenue were to become Martini Avenue. It is a question of who we honor. Those who fought for the Confederacy – to keep one race enslaved – fought for a dishonorable cause.

Few of Lexington’s streets are named for women, minorities, or immigrants who contributed to our city. Let’s take this opportunity to honor them.


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