Spend Holiday With Those You Hold Dear

Nov. 27, 2019 Editor, The News-Gazette:

Tomorrow is truly an American holiday. Think of the fourth Thursday in November as the fourth day in July, only quieter and much colder. Think about why we set aside a day each year called Thanksgiving, even during those years when there appears to be little to be thankful for. During wartime and times of economic depression we never scratched Thanksgiving from our calendars.

Why? Because we know, or at least we sense, that there is a force beyond our shores that has made our land what it is today. And who are those who live on this land? For starters, they are far from perfect. However, this simple fact doesn’t hold us back. Rather, it propels us forward to make tomorrow’s Thanksgiving better than last year’s, but not as good as Thanksgiving 2020.

It’s all part of the Great American Experiment — our attempt to better govern ourselves, how we prosper and how we live. And it’s working — far more wish to come here than leave.

This experiment is a tall order. So we asked a couple of short people, Annie and Alfie. Annie reminds us that tomorrow is always a day away, that the future is now, treasure it. So Annie dreams and gives thanks even before her dream world arrives.

Alfie builds on Annie’s wisdom. He gives us three thoughts for every Thanksgiving: live for the moment; give more than you receive; and, most of all, be kind. Two smart kids.

That’s it, that’s Thanksgiving 2019. Spend the day with those who you hold dear. Spend as much time as possible with them tomorrow and all those other tomorrows. This will make you happy. Like America, happiness works.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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