School Officials, Police Find No Credible Threat Against PMHS


3 p.m. Wednesday - Buena Vista school officials and the Buena Vista Police Department say there is no credible threat to the school system after they looked into “rumors of allegations” against Parry McCluer High  School students and the school.

In a statement on its Facebook page this afternoon, the police department said the situation “is being thoroughly investigated by our agency, as well as the administration of ParryMcCluerHigh School." The department said it wanted the public to know that “all statements of concern are not taken lightly, and we will continue to investigate and monitor to ensure the safety of our students and citizens of Buena Vista.”

Superintendent Dr. Tony Francis told The News-Gazette, “If we find there's validity, we would inform parents and we would put security and safety protocols in place, and so forth.”

As the investigation continues, Francis hopes to keep rumors under wraps. “It always creates more issues for you because you're trying to deal with facts and so forth and things are happening. I think rumors do kind of get started and then sometimes they will overtake what's really happening.”

Francis does not feel there's any threat to the school, but does recognize the heightened sense of anxiety within the school system. “I think it's because of some things that have happened in the area and across the nation. Anytime we get any information like that, we're going to follow up, and we're going to investigate and try to determine what the situation actually is,” said Francis.


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