Safety The Issue In Abortion Clinic Rules

Jan. 31, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette

In a shocking decision, a federal judge found Virginia’s physicians must perform abortions law unconstitutional even before the trial began! But, in a rare action, he set aside his own decision in favor of a full trial.

Attorney Gen. Mark Herring hired outside counsel for a lame defense. However, health department inspectors, under oath, described the awful conditions in abortion “clinics.” One inspector was moved to tears over how important it was that abortion centers meet basic health standards because her daughter and granddaughter had had abortions.

Remember, inspectors see only their best behavior. Shocked by conditions, inspectors used words like “filthy” to describe facilities which the “industry” assures us are safe.

Malfunctioning toilets where a nurse put down a plunger and immediately went to begin a procedure without washing her hands.

Unmarked syringes laid on dirty desks and contaminated from one surface to another.

During one inspection, a patient record randomly pulled showed a patient was rushed to the ER because her cervix had been lacerated. The facility did not even have sutures on the premises to help stop the bleeding. A physician testified a woman could bleed out in 10 minutes from complications in an abortion!

One random file from one “clinic” – imagine what has happened over the many years when there was no oversight! No wonder the abortion industry spends millions to make the inspections go away. Virginia Planned Parenthood set aside $3 million to elect Northam, according to The Washington Post.

Though these standards placed no substantial hindrance on a woman’s “right to choose,” removing them seriously affects women’s health and safety. Interestingly, the judge used portions of “Roe v Wade,” such as maximum safety for the patient; the state’s interest extends at least to the performing physician, staff, facilities and availability of aftercare; adequate provisions for complications or emergencies!

It clearly sounds like the “war on women” is being waged by the Democrats in Richmond.


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