Rockbridge Cattlemen’s Association

Tom Stanley


A group of Rockbridge beef cattle producers have come together to form the Rockbridge Cattlemen’s Association.

Their intent is to afford folks in Rockbridge, who raise cattle, additional competitive marketing options for their animals. Also, the group aims to foster a earning and supportive network of local cattle producers empowered to speak with one voice concerning issues that impact the continued viability of cattle grazing as a business in Rock-bridge.

Our county cattle producers are fortunate to have a number of cattle marketing options at their disposal. Producers who take large numbers of cattle to market (80 or more) generally have better options in marketing in terms of gaining competitive bids for their animals. The new association can especially help livestock producers who do not have large numbers of cattle to sell annually.

Next spring, the Rock-bridge Cattlemen’s Association hope to sponsor two or more sales for yearlings or calves born in the early fall of 2019. One of these sales will be held in partnership with the Botetourt Cattlemen’s Association, and will require the calves be weaned 60 days prior to the sale in late March, and verification that each animal received important vaccinations well ahead of sale-day. The association leadership is trying to create an opportunity for a similar sale of cattle that are not weaned in advance of sale day, but have been verified as vaccinated.

This type of collective marketing allows local cattle producers, especially small-scale cattle producers, an opportunity to capture a higher price for their calves.

We extend special thanks to my colleague John Benner, Extension agent for animal sciences headquartered in Augusta, for his leadership and perseverance in helping this new organization get started.

The next Rockbridge Cattlemen’s Association meeting will be held Tuesday, Dec. 3, at 6:30 p.m. We will meet at the Extension conference room on the second floor of the Rockbridge County administrative offices building, 150 S. Main St., Lexington.

Anyone interested in learning more about the association, its near-term marketing plans, and how they can constructively contribute to the effort is welcome to attend.

Please call the Rockbridge Extension office at 463-4734 to pre-register so we can have adequate seating and handouts.

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