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For Ayers

Sept. 30, 2019 Editor, The News-Gazette:

As a member of the Rockbridge Planning Commission for many years, I can tell you, local politics - your supervisor, makes a difference - more than Richmond, more than Washington.

Your day-to-day life is affected by what your supervisor does or doesn’t do. Leslie Ayers will make a very good supervisor. She is honest, smart, and has the vision and fire to make the unlikely happen. Local politics can bog down when decisions are based on favors rather than facts. Ms. Ayers is practical but questioning. “Why can’t we get this done? If we put the work in- this can happen!” Her leadership can help us break through government’s inertia and get good things done.

And isn’t it about time that we had a woman on the Board? Not just out of “fairness,” but to get a wider perspective into the decision-making process? Men behave better when there is a woman around, and if she is a hardworking team player like Leslie Ayers, good things will get done for the citizens of Rockbridge County, You should vote for her.


Buffalo District

For Burant

Editor, The News-Gazette:

I am writing in support of Kathy Burant as a write-in candidate for the Natural Bridge District School Board representative position. She has the necessary knowledge and enthusiasm to be a contributing Board member. I have had the privilege of working with and under her direction at Rockbridge County High School.

Her teaching career began in Florida where she taught business for eight years. At RCHS, she was a business teacher for nine years and later served as an assistant principal/ athletic director for four additional years.

Kathy earned her MS in curriculum and instruction from Virginia Tech and later received an administrative endorsement from James Madison University. She accomplished this as a single parent of three sons who are also college graduates. Seeking a challenge, she accepted a position with Stafford County Public Schools, serving as the director of career and technical education for six years.

Kathy retired in 2012. After returning to Rockbridge County she has continued to promote education serving on the board of Rockbridge County Public Schools Foundation for the past three years. Kathy would bring to the table extensive knowledge of state and federal education regulations, fiduciary experience, and a large network of colleagues.



- - -

Nothing would be better for the students and teachers of Rockbridge County than to have Kathy Burant on the School Board. But you have to take the time to write her name on the ballot when you vote.

With a lifetime of experience in educational positions, she sees the whole picture from all the different angles: She is a taxpayer; She has been a teacher, an administrator, a director of career and technical education, an athletic director, and is still a strong mom of sons who came through our school system with great success. She knows the area, the people, the market, the employers, the funding process, the curricula, the many pressures, and the squeeze of making it all work.

As a former teacher who worked with Kathy for many years at Rock-bridge County High School, I can attest that she has the personal intelligence, optimism, warmth, empathy, communication skills, strength, and energy to serve the area well over the long haul. She will always push for what is best for the students, but she will do so with the complex knowledge of a teacher, administrator, athletic director, CTE director, fund raiser, and invested parent.

Write in Kathy Burant for School Board Representative.


Retired teacher from RCHS

- - -

Don’t pass on this write-in candidate – Kathy Burant for School Board. She is what we need - a candidate that has been an educator for 29 years - both in the classroom as well as an administrator! She is a wife, mother and grandmother and has the vision we need for the future of our school system. Kathy will help set goals, priorities and help the students achieve these to make them ready to be productive and responsible adults who will be contributing members in society.

Kathy has sound judgment, an even temper, a willingness to collaborate and a sincere interest in our public education!

Sincerely submitted by a former county teacher who worked with Kathy.


Natural Bridge

For Elrod

Editor, The News-Gazette:

As the longtime sheriff of Buena Vista I would like to personally show my support for Buena Vista’s newly appointed commonwealth’s attorney, Josh Elrod.

I have known Josh for many years, seeing him in BV courts as a defense attorney. He has always been friendly and respectful in our courts. When Josh was appointed to the position of BV commonwealth’s attorney, I began seeing him from the prosecution side of things. He is always well-prepared for court and operates with fair and balanced justice in each case he tries. He desires to do the best job possible for the citizens of Buena Vista.

Josh has bought a house and moved his family to the city we call “home.” He truly has Buena Vista’s best interest at heart. Josh has a desire to make BV drug free or at least to hold those bringing/selling drugs to justice. He also has a passion to represent victims of crime, whether domestic/sexual violence, crimes involving children as well as any property crime in our city. For these reasons I publicly endorse Josh and ask that you join me by voting Elrod on Nov. 5


Buena Vista sheriff

- - -

I would like to publicly express my support for Buena Vista’s current commonwealth’s attorney, Josh Elrod.

I am a detective with the Buena Vista Police Department and have been for many years. Many of which were spent working with BV’s past CA, Chris Russell. Since July 1, when Josh was appointed to the position, he has done a great job making the transition for the office a very smooth one.

I am assigned to the Regional Drug Task Force and speak with Josh almost daily. He is very personable and has the ability to do this job well. Josh desires for the drug epidemic to be addressed, especially in Buena Vista. He has an open door policy and supports our local police department fully. He has openly addressed any and all concerns brought to him by myself and other officers. We, in my opinion, are working well as a team. I believe he is the most qualified person for the job.


Buena Vista

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