Reader Makes Argument For More Shade Trees

Aug. 10, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

Feel hot and edgy so that you want to go inside, turn on the air-conditioning and leave the city and it’s people far behind? It is tempting to become increasingly anti-social, to avoid COVID, the heat and the prevalent dominating heated political discussions.

These are thoughts I had while returning from town to do shopping. It was blistering hot in town, all that cement and no trees to speak of. Ah, the peace and coolness of returning to the woods where we live among the birds and deer, occasionally a bear.

Our yearning for meaning and love is ever present, even amid this temptation to live in isolation where it is “cool.” Soon the excitement of seeing people overcomes us and we return to town only to be reminded it is hot there. People like me are roaming the streets, going in stores armed with shopping lists. Wouldn’t we like to stroll there among trees as well? A thought.

I hope we can maintain some cool heads during this election period. Having some shade, I think, can help.


Rockbridge Baths

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