Pumpkin Totem Pole Teams Wanted

Boxerwood is once again challenging community groups – clubs, co-workers, campus organizations, scouts, artists, families, friends – to form Totem Teams and participate in a Pumpkin Totem Pole carving competition.

Totems will be crowd-judged during the nature center’s annual Pumpkin Walk on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 25 and 26.

Instructions and an online entry form are available on the Boxerwood webpage at www.boxerwood.org/totem.

In addition to helping light up a pumpkin path, the totem competition serves as a fundraiser. Those attending the Pumpkin Walk vote on their favorite totems with dollar donations that go to support Boxerwood’s environmental programming in the local schools.

Teams provide their own pumpkins and poles, hold pumpkin-carving sessions a few days before the Pumpkin Walk, and erect their totems on the pumpkin path at Boxerwood on Oct. 24. Tea candles will be provided to illuminate the jack-o-lanterns throughout the event.

The top vote-getting totem will be announced on night two of the Pumpkin Walk and awarded a luminary trophy.

In addition to totems, Boxerwood needs one-headed jack-o-lanterns to light a path through the woods and around the pond. The drop-off for both totems and one-headers will be in the Boxerwood field (on Munger Lane, off Ross Road) during business hours on Thursday, Oct. 24, or before noon on the 25th.

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