PRO Act Concerns Business Owner

Feb. 22, 2021

Editor, The News-Gazette:

The Small Business Retail Council and the National Retail Federation are opposed to the PRO (Protecting the Right to Organize) Act being proposed by the Biden administration and as a result are being portrayed as being “anti-labor” by some.

Since the retail segment of our nation’s economy is responsible for more than one-fourth of all jobs in the United States, to suggest that the NRF is somehow “anti-labor” is frankly ridiculous. In fact, the NRF’s board of directors includes, among others, the heads of WalMart and Macy’s – both unionized businesses. Here is a sample of why the NRF is opposed to the PRO Act. If passed as currently written, the PRO Act will mean, among other things:

- An end to independent worker contracts and the gig economy.

- Saying goodbye to private ballots in union elections. - Forced disclosure of employee’s personal information to

- Forced disclosure of employee’s personal information to union organizers.

- The repeal of all right-to-work statutes nationwide.

- Picketing and union coercion at Main Street business.

- Government control over private contracts between employers and employees. - Limitless joint employer liability.

- Limitless joint employer liability.

- Jeopardized attorney-client privilege. - Increases in costly litigation for all parties.

- Increases in costly litigation for all parties.

- Unprecedented interference with retailers’ ability to run their businesses.

Because I am personally opposed to the PRO Act, people should not simply assume I am anti-union. Growing in one of Scotland’s main coal mining areas, I saw personally the effect the lack of strong labor laws can have on whole communities. I have also seen the devastation unions can cause to entire countries. I’ve seen the pros and cons of trade unions. What I am opposed to is the unfettered interference with to how I, and every small business owner, might manage our businesses now or in the future.

For those in favor of this act, please remember to let the rest of us know their feelings when their jobs are lost because their employers can no longer to stay in business as a result of the provisions contained in the PRO Act.


Owner, Celtic Tides, And member of the National Retail Federation’s Small

Business Retail Council

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