PM Announces Policy For Spectators In Upcoming Fall Season

Per the Virginia High School League Return to Participation guidelines, school systems in Virginia are now entering the fall sports season.  At Parry McCluer High School, football, volleyball, and cross country are starting their abbreviated seasons at this time.  


Governor Ralph Northam’s recent amendments to Executive Order 72 on February 17 highlight the following requirements:  

  • For sports played indoors, spectators must be limited to 25 persons per field. 

  • For sports played outdoors the total number of spectators cannot exceed any of the following (i) the lesser of 30 percent of the occupancy load of the certificate of occupancy for the venue or 250 spectators per field. 

  • Races or marathons may have up to 250 participants, provided staggered starts separate runners into groups of 25 or less.



Volleyball games at Parry McCluer High School will be limited to 25 spectators during their matches.  These tickets will be distributed to the parents of the volleyball team by the coach. 


Cross Country:

Cross Country team members can invite two people to each home meet.



Football games at Parry McCluer High School will be limited to 250 spectators per field.  The Marching Blues and cheerleaders will perform at the home games.  


PMHS home football game ticket protocol:

  • All football players will receive two tickets to their respective game (either JV or Varsity).

  • All coaches will receive two tickets to each game.

  • All marching band members will receive two tickets to each Varsity game.

  • All cheerleaders will receive two tickets to each game.  

  • All visiting football team members will receive two tickets to each game.

  • All visiting cheerleaders will receive two tickets to each game. 

**Please note:  Ticket recipients on the master list must purchase their tickets at the gate prior to entry.  We will NOT pre-sell tickets to those on the master list of ticket recipients.


Prior to each home football game, a master list of ticket recipients will be made by the athletic department.  If the number of tickets is less than 250, an announcement will be made to the Parry McCluer High School community.  Any remaining tickets will then be made available for purchase at the Parry McCluer High School office PRIOR to game day on a first-come, first-serve basis.


PMHS away football game ticket protocol:

  • Tickets for the away games will only be distributed if the home team allows spectators from the opposing school.  This will be determined on a game-by-game basis.

  • The cheerleaders may travel with the team, depending on the ticket protocol of the away team.  The travel of cheerleaders will be determined on a game-by-game basis as well.


Tickets, concessions, schedules:

Ticket prices for all home events are $6.00 for everyone.  No passes will be accepted.  Concessions will not be available.  Schedules for all fall sports seasons can be found on the Parry McCluer High School website at


Entry to events:

Upon entry to all sporting events, names will be checked on the master list, tickets will be sold to only ticket recipients on the master list, and temperatures will be taken.


COVID-19 protocol:

Masks are required at all times for all indoor and outdoor sporting events.  No mask equals no entry.  Social distancing of at least 10 feet must be maintained between families at all times during outdoor events.  


Live streaming of events:

If you are unable to attend an event, you will be able to watch the live streams of our volleyball and football games.  Fans may view these events online through the Parry McCluer High School Facebook page for a fee of $4.99.


Please note:  This plan is subject to change at the discretion of Governor Ralph Northam and/or the Virginia High School League.  Any violation of protocol will result in the banning of all spectators at fall sporting events.

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