Peace Wave Coming To Lexington

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Lexington resident Susan Mead participating in the original Peace Wave project in Roanoke during the spring of 2022. That fabric mural, designed by artist Polly Branch, inspired Mead to work with local community members to bring the Peace Wave to Lexington, with a kick-off event scheduled for the International Day of Peace, Wednesday, September 21. (photo credit: Polly Branch)


On Wednesday, Sept. 21, the fence at the Brewbaker Field Sports Complex on

Wallace Street will be adorned with blue, greeen and white fabric as Mayor Frank Friedman officially proclaims
the 2022 observance of the International Day of Peace in Lexington.  The ceremony will begin at 11:30 a.m. and will include a moment of silence at noon, joining with communities around the world at that hour in their local time zones.

Before the event, fabric woven through the chain link fence will begin to take the shape of a “Peace Wave” created by community members, including local civics students.

The weavers will follow a design created by Polly Branch, the Roanoke artist whose Wasena Park Peace Wave inspired local resident and Ferrum College sociology professor Susan Mead to bring the idea to Lexington as a part of her sabbatical year focus on community education. 

This summer Mead and members of the Community Connections Dream Team, affiliated with Wall Residences, Inc., met with Friedman, Maury River Middle School teacher Mary Curtis Stolarz, and later City Manager Jim Halasz to get the “wave” rolling.

“As a native of Lexington, I was so excited we could use the fence at the fields dedicated to Coach Brewbaker — he meant so much to all of us from my era, and today those fields get used by youth from the county and the city," Mead said.  "This way the Peace Wave can truly be a communitywide effort!”

The Sept. 21 event will serve as the Peace Wave project kick-off; community groups and individuals who want to weave parts of the design can contact Mead, either at the event or afterwards at





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