Nothing ‘Common Sense’ About Gun Control Laws

Jan. 11, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

This letter is in response to Annette Green (Jan 8) who stated that no Second Amendment right would be negated.

If she is so certain that the individual’s rights would not be negated, I would ask her to volunteer to pay the legal fees for everyone whose rights are negated. Additionally, she stated that Governor McAuliffe issued an executive order allowing convicted felons to vote who have been released from prison, is on parole or probation.

This is wonderful, but it all is after the convicted felon has been through the system which will take years after 75 percent of the people are labeled felons. This has no bearing on a felon who moves to another state. That felony charge doesn’t just go away. Look at “public records” on your credit report. The credit reporting companies are primarily automated and attempting to get anything changed required an act of God. Your credit report is used for everything from a credit card to insurance to a job qualification.

If Annette is such an expert, she must prove these fears to be false. The problem is, no one knows what will happen and those who support the so-called “common sense” laws tell the opposition to let it be decided by the courts. Might as well ask the hanging man to wait until a judge decides to cut him down. By then it is too late. Voltaire said it best: “Common sense is not that common,” so labeling things as Common Sense Gun Control has nothing to do with common sense and everything to do with gun control.

The Second Amendment says explicitly “shall not be infringed.” That statement alone is all you need to know. If the Virginia legislature wants to have its own “gun control” laws, they need to be vetted by the Supreme Court of the United States, which like in the past, will strike down laws that infringe on the law of the land, the U.S. Constitution.