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Under Caitlin Maxwell’s direction, the children of Oxford Presbyterian Church participated in a “distanced bakeoff.” The goal was to determine which child could prepare and bake the best “Scripture Cake.” Each ingredient in the recipe is connected to a particular verse from the Bible.

The seven children, Sadie, Reice and Annie Edwards, Kevin Kimbler, Eva Textor, Clark Maxwell and Sydney Black delivered their product to the home of Rev. and Mrs. Horace Douty for judging.

All entries were perfect, so each child will receive first prize.

Dr. Douty constructed seven miniature “Oxford Churches,” each containing a small gift. The entire project turned out to be delightful, especially for the judges. Thank you, Caitlin and the students, for bringing an unusual ray of happiness during the current lockdown.

A recipe for a “Scripture Cake” is included in the “Oxford’s Divine Offerings,” a cookbook published by the Women of Oxford Church.

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