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Editor, The News-Gazette:

I’m pleased to support David McDaniel with his candidacy for the Board of Supervisors. I have known David for a long time and I have found him to be reliable, competent, accountable, and hard-working. I’ve worked with him while he was on the School Board and I was on the Board of Supervisors. He is not afraid to ask the difficult questions, and he will work tirelessly to find appropriate resolutions to difficult issues. We’ve worked together to bring additional safety and security to our schools, to provide our school employees better wages, and to offer new opportunities to our students.

He will represent the citizens of the Natural Bridge District extremely well. He has lived in the district his entire life and understands the needs of the people. He will listen to you and try his best to help you. He will work with state and federal officials to bring additional resources to Rockbridge County. He will ensure that the county government is run effectively and as efficiently as possible.

David McDaniel is the best choice to represent the good people of the Natural Bridge District.


Natural Bridge

- - -

My family and I moved to Glasgow in 1986. For 22 years, I served Glasgow Baptist Church as pastor. During those years, I became acquainted with the family of David McDaniel and eventually David himself, officiating at his and his wife, Kasey’s wedding. I have watched him, and his family grow and develop over the years. He and Kasey both have shown themselves to be very family orientated individuals and together as a team.

David’s interest in and concerns for the community and surrounding area in which he lived and raised his family soon became obvious. Time and again, through service in various positions, David has exemplified quality characteristics of a trustworthy and reliable public servant and community leader. He has proven himself to be a capable and honest representative of this area. He will stand for and work diligently to secure what is in the best interest of all of the citizens of the Glasgow/ Natural Bridge area.

Without reservation, I encourage your readers to vote for and support a qualified and dedicated proven leader for our area – David McDaniel.


Rockbridge County

- - -

I have known David for over 20 years and have followed his professional and political careers with great satisfaction.

David’s degree from Hampden-Sydney in managerial economics has given him a solid foundation for his very successful 22 year career in banking and money management.

David is also a devoted husband and father of three with one grandchild. He has also served several terms as our School Board member and on the Glasgow Town Council he managed budgets and many local issues.

To round out his community service David served 15 years on the Glasgow Fire Department.

I believe David is uniquely qualified to serve on our Board of Supervisors and has my vote and full support.


Natural Bridge Station

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