April 5, 1925-March 19, 2017 for Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice

You were smart; you were goodlooking; you even had athletic ability, because you loved to walk so much on the Appalachian Trail and climb Sharp Top at the Peaks of Otter - from the bottom to the top! And, you always loved the breeze whispering through the trees, and the smell of the dark cedars and blond pines.

But, you also took an interest in me: you took me to work with you in the days before it was fashionable to “Take Your Daughters To Work”, and most offices were not air-conditioned!

You helped me with math problems in school, and called out spelling words to me when I was in the spelling bees; and just had long talks. (I never got tired of listening to stories about your days in the Army, a time of adventure and danger in faraway places!). You let me read about anything that I was interested in, encouraged me to be curious, and to be, well, just a little different in my beliefs, because things are often more complicated than what the news and history books would have people believe.

You were patient with me, when I did not deserve your patience, and you never insisted that I should be “like someone else’s kid”. I could always tell that you were proud of me and believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself. I hope I have measured up!

Yes, you were smart, good-looking, and athletic, but many men are like that. However, you were something that most men are not: you were a TRUE comrade, and I could always count on you!

Love always,


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