Local United Way Now Just Shy Of Goal

June 22, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

The recent months of the pandemic have certainly affected us in many ways here in Rockbridge County.

Yet, as we always do in our little corner of Virginia, everyone pulled together in some manner to address the challenges. Even while the danger of virus still exists, and as our federal, state and local governments struggle to address the economic fallout, our wonderful nonprofits, faith groups, businesses, universities, schools, corporations, and citizenry have not only volunteered but opened their hearts and purses to fill the void and provide support.

Just as the shutdown occurred, the United Way of Rockbridge (UWR) was in the midst of its annual fundraising campaign. UWR saw a temporary drop in donation receipts as people struggled to comprehend the unknowns of the economic situation. With extra nudging from UWR board members, local churches, and other cheerleaders we were able to nearly reach our $250,000 campaign goal; we are just $6,300 shy.

We were also able to raise an additional $9,700 specifically for the COVID-19 Relief Fund managed by the Community Foundation for Rockbridge, Bath and Alleghany. Some donors increased their typical giving amount, provided a second contribution, or shared their stimulus checks; we also recognized new givers.

It has been a gratifying experience for UWR as we fundraise to assist many different nonprofit agencies in the area. I specifically would like to thank our campaign committee - Holt Merchant, Lynn Dent, Frank Settle and George Pryde – who persisted in pounding the pavement [virtually] over the recent months. With profound thanks to all of our donors, a quarter of a million dollars will be recycled back into our local area to support agencies and programs in need.

Cheers to the Rockbridge community!


UWR board member Chair, public relations

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