'Life Is The Most Important Thing'

Feb. 10, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

House of Delegates Bill 980 sponsored by Rep. Charniele Herring, Democrat, District 47, and SB733, the companion bill, sponsored by Sen. Jennifer McClellan, Democrat, District 9, remove multiple abortion restrictions including 24-hour waiting periods for abortion procedures and a requirement that women seeking abortions get an ultrasound first. What are they afraid of?

What are they afraid of?

These bills passed 52-45, with one Democrat legislator voting against it and two obstaining. It has passed the House of Delegates and now goes to the Senate.

Majority leader Herring, who introduced the bill, tweeted: “I am proud to see medical decisions out of the hands of legislators and into the hands of women and their clinicians.” The American Civil Liberties Union of Vir

The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia cheered the vote, saying that it removes “medically unnecessary restriction on abortion.”

No, that is taking away a careful decision looking at everything.

Ultrasound a restriction? Just giving a woman all of her options. Don’t you look at all your options before making a decision?

Twenty-four hour waiting period so you can go over all your options. Don’t you think we should help women to do that?

What was said after it was asked if a baby is born alive after an abortion?

Answer – put the baby on a gurney; make the baby comfortable; you and your doctor decide what to do.

Isn’t that murder? Who would say that? Why, the governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam. Wasn’t he a pediatrician? Life is the most important thing. No one, no one should take that lightly.

NANCY CUZZIMANO Rockbridge County

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