Honor Rolls


The following students were named to the honor roll for the first nine weeks of the 2020-21 school year:

Sixth grade

All A’s - Kebryl Chandler, Reid Kirby, Keely Mahaffey, Izaiah Martin, Duncan Romreill, Emory Slagle, Kalob Slough.

A/B - Brianna Brizendine, Cristian Clements, Langston Cook, Elliott Crews, Bobby Crowe, Ivy Davis, Emerson Duff, Colton Guess, Rebecca Hanson, Curtiss King, Aiden Kiser, Jonah Madison, Jaelyn Manning, Luke Morris, Kendall painter, Stuart Richardson, Bowen Romriell, Parker Snider, Bryleigh Tobias, Elizabeth Truslow, Tylee Wade, Keaton Walker, Loki Wilder, Brody Wills, Phoebe Wood.

Seventh grade

All A’s - Montana Ayers, Josh Cooper, Allison Cullen, Sam Griffin, Kaelyn Roberts, Willow Rogers, Vincent Wilson.

A/B - Presley Austin, Christina Bane, Melody Barker, Clyde Campbell, Nikki Carroll, Gabby Conner, Jaelyn Conner, Dakota Dean, Nathan Glass, Caden Henson, Remi Hickman, Brendan Holdren, Jazmine Jimenez, Kyra Lee, Timothy Lesher, Landon Orren, Janie Ramsey, Jacob Shafer, Connetta Southers, Katie Tomlin, Logan Wheelock, Jaedyn White, Pyper Wilhelm, Kadence Zollman.


The following students were named to the honor roll at Lylburn Downing Middle School for the first nine weeks of the 2020-21 school year:

Sixth grade

All A’s - Lucy Boller-Pinkham, Jack Davis, Sammy Eastwood, Kellen Foster, Cooper Fox, Diya Gandhi, Celeste Jenkins, Lia Kennedy, Tyler Ludtke, Edison Rahl, Geneva Snyder, Jonathan Whitten.

A/B - Aaron Aledzeme, Jacob Cailles, Ava Dahl, Alice Dare, Daniel Friend, Camille Fuentes, Ruby Goodhart, Alex Hartman, Zachery Schindler, Claire Wallin, Madeline White.

Seventh grade

All A’s - Noah Alexander, Corinna Allen, Dean Fafatas, Venci Gandhi, Alice Gresham, Liam Hess, Olivia Hickman, Katherine Holston, River Jenkins, Thomas Jones, Sahasra Kandregula, Elsa Kerin-Rice, Evelyn McClung, Annalee Penny, Chloe Potter, Claire Sigler.

A/B - Bailey Carter, Cora Conway, Ava Crocker, Meghan Franklin, Zach LaRiviere, Layla Mays, Adrian Ortiz, Libby Pearson, Chase Reynolds, Jamie Rodriguez-Lopez, Claire Taylor.

Eighth grade

All A’s - David Aledzeme, Thomas Ayoub-Winder, Creola Bucy, Joshua Cailles, Phoebe Cornish, Liam Courtney-Collins, Taina Covington, Graham Davidson, Gabriela Dickovick, Luke Eversole, Nichlas Faulds, Kaylee Hagenbuch, Jack Jensen, Lydia Kendall, Oscar Kosky, Josie Kuehner, Audrey Lovelace, Camille Mayo, Spencer Pfaff, Brianna Robers.

A/B - Yusuf Aliyev, Youssef Azab, Bryce Bell, Campbell Bond, John Brooke, Noah Carroll, Molly Coleman, Ella Culp, Brady Edwards, Grayson Garcia, Eleanor Goodhart, Tikka Hamel, James Hanstedt, Emily Humphreys, Elizabeth McCormick, Eliot McDonald, Lukas Myers, Julia Newhall, Drew Potter, Ellee Russell, Madeline Swisher, Cameron Terry, Nicolas Vargas.

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