Hometown Newspaper Appreciated By Reader

Nov. 18, 2019 Editor, The News-Gazette:

Thanks for explaining complexities of getting a simple newspaper into hands of us readers! (Matt Paxton’s “Ink Spots” column in last week’s paper.)

We’re fortunate having a free press that attempts to offer balanced views of what is going on around us. Likely, we’ll never all agree on social, political, religious, local, planetary issues. But at least multiple points of view gives opportunities for education, possibility of at least understanding a little of another persons thinking, actions.

I often keep your paper in my vehicle, read articles again, check what’s going on during week. People sometimes complain about lack of activities, loss of community. I’m reminded by your paper there’s lots going on and we choose what to participate in. Meetings, lectures, volunteering, performances, sports, fun, religious services happen weekly.

Mixing individuals with different interests, backgrounds, education, skills has always lured people to cities and towns. There can be tension meeting those mysterious others, but also opportunities for learning, meaningful interaction. Thanks again to The News-Gazette and all those who keep it going, get papers into hands so we can make informed choices about what to participate in.



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