Holman Waives Right To A Speedy Trial

Charles Holman, the man indicted for the first-degree murder of Christina Martin, waived his right to a speedy trial in Rockbridge County Circuit Court Tuesday.

Holman’s attorney Margaret Harris explained in court that an order is in place for an evaluation of Holman, the results of which are due back in March. His defense argued the results of the sanity evaluation will determine the motions they make before proceeding with trial.

Holman allegedly shot his former domestic partner, Martin, on April 5, 2019, after staging a kidnapping of Martin’s friend to lure her. Holman was initially charged with second-degree murder following the incident. He was named in 10 additional charges by direct indictment from the November grand jury, including the first-degree murder charge. Holman has also been indicted for the wounding of witness Kimberly McKinney and the abduction of Debbie Holloway.

By waiving his right to speedy trial, Holman allowed for a motions hearing to first be set by Judge Edward Stein before going to trial.

“We’ll use the April date to set a date for trial,” said Harris. “By then we’ll know what judge we will have to have some continuity in the case.”

Motions by Holman’s defense are to be filed by April 1 following the results of his mental evaluation. He is scheduled to return to court for a motions hearing April 21.