Holman Indicted On Murder Charges

Following action by a Rockbridge County grand jury Monday, Charles Holman, 48, of Madison Heights now faces additional charges, including first-degree murder, in connection with the shooting death of a Buena Vista woman.

Holman was arrested for killing Christina Martin, 38, April 5 after allegedly staging a kidnapping of Martin’s friend, Debbie Holloway, to lure her to Holloway’s residence in Collierstown.

Kim McKinney, the passenger in Martin’s vehicle during the incident, testified at Holman’s preliminary hearing in September that he pursued their vehicle in a car chase, caused Martin to wreck and fatally shot her following the accident. Holman was soon after located by police and arrested in Lexington for second-degree murder.

The charge of murder in the second degree was handed down by a Rock-bridge County grand jury this week, along with 10 additional direct indictments to be served by capias warrants, including the charge of murder in the first degree.

Holman is charged with the aggravated malicious wounding of McKinney, who was severely injured in the wreck of Martin’s vehicle. He is also charged with the abduction by force of a Holloway, who he allegedly held at gunpoint to help him lure Martin to her home.

Holman also faces the charges of use of a firearm while committing murder, use of a firearm while committing abduction, use of a firearm while committing burglary, statutory burglary of a dwelling with the intent to commit a felony while armed with a deadly weapon, grand larceny auto theft and violent felon in possession of a firearm.

Holman’s indictments were part of 138 total indictments returned by the Rockbridge grand jury Nov. 4.

The remaining indictments will be printed in the paper next week.

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