Help The Climate: Don’t Buy From China

Jan. 10, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

The most recent issue of The News-Gazette featured discussions of climate change not only on the front page but also in the letters to the editor.

Clearly it is an issue of considerable importance to many Americans, actually to many in many countries in the West. At the recent meeting of the International Climate Change group, the members left with hand wringing but no concrete action to address the issue. Yet, for us in the West, in fact those in America, the action we should take is clear and is based on an analysis of the problem. In 2019 the United States reduced its production of carbon dioxide by 1.7 percent while China increased theirs by 2.50 percent (Report of the intergovernmental climate meeting).

If those who are concerned about this issue are sincere, they will no longer buy products made in China. In fact, failure to do so and to continue to blame countries in the West for the problem only shows them to be hypocrites.