Group Praises Comp Plan Effort

Feb. 12, 2021

Editor, The News-Gazette:

The board of 50 Ways Rockbridge extends hearty thanks to the Lexington Planning Commission for the Lexington 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Lexington 2040 was a significant undertaking in which the Planning Commission met 17 times, engaged countless citizens and organizations in multiple formats, and navigated the uncertainty of a global pandemic as the plan moved through public review and adoption. The final plan represents the determination of a community committed to developing a complete understanding of itself, encouraging inclusive dialogue with respect for diverse viewpoints, and honoring the vision and goals of its citizens through strong policy, partnerships, and implementation.

The Planning Commission expanded the role of the planning document beyond narrowly construed legal requirements. Lexington’s deep ties to the Civil War and consciousness of the history of planning as a tool for racial injustice called for a broadened narrative that confronts these issues and takes a more proactive role in promoting inclusion and equity in planning, housing, and the delivery of community services.

The plan includes new chapters on Green Infrastructure and Arts and Culture – dedicating the city to improving accessibility and equity in these areas. The plan addresses emerging issues such as an aging population, sustainable economic development practices, increasing the use of renewable energy and improved pedestrian and nonvehicular connectivity among our neighborhoods. It also addresses persistent issues – the need for affordable housing, updating the city’s infrastructure, and the necessity of strengthening the tax base.

The 50 Ways Rockbridge board is grateful to have been consulted on the draft of the comprehensive plan and to see its input included in the final version. We appreciate the expansive outreach conducted by the Lexington Planning Commission and believe that the final product represents a broad and inclusive vision for our city. As a community organization whose motto is “Research/Educate/Act,” we see the Lexington 2040 Comprehensive Plan as a well-researched document that will serve as a key planning tool for years to come and that allows citizens to weigh in on city planning issues that affect them most.


on behalf of 50 Ways Rockbridge Board

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