Governors’ Aggressive Action Was ‘Best Path’

June 21, 2020

Editor, the News-Gazette

In last week’s edition, you printed a letter from Mr. Lowry that demeaned the efforts of the governors of Virginia and New York. Since he did not state any specific issues that led to his “miserable job” comment about our governor, I can only speculate what may have irked Mr. Lowery. Was it because the governor did not act as aggressively as Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) did in closing down his state starting on March 3? Perhaps he wanted the governor to require that people who were visiting Virginia or returning to Virginia to quarantine for 14 days as did Gov. Phil Scott (R) of Vermont.

Yes, Governor Cuomo made a mistake when he issued the executive order obligating nursing homes to take virus patients and that is why he rescinded the order on May 10.

Yes, there is a requirement that if a person works in New York state for more that 14 days, they are obligated to pay state income tax. This requirement was waived for those nonresidents during the super storm Sandy and time will tell if the same thing happens for those who came to help during the pandemic.

According to, New York was using all of its 4,121 ICU beds between April 3 and April 28, so yes, Governor Cuomo pleaded (he never demanded) for help. If Mr. Lowry was in the same position would he not ask for help from the federal government? Governor Cuomo has addressed the Navy ship and the Javits Center issue during various interviews during which he said, “I was damned if I did and damned if I did not.” I think it was better for him given the situation to request all of the resources available to the state of New York.

Ultimately, the people of Virginia and New York are the arbiters of whether they think their governors did a good job. In a Washington Post Ipsos poll done in early May they found that 81 percent of New Yorkers and 78 percent of Virginians approved of the way their governors were handling the coronavirus outbreak.

Faced with the unprecedented situation of this fast spreading virus, taking aggressive action was the best path to follow.


Rockbridge County

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