City Exploring Recycling Option

Council member Chuck Smith reported at the City Council meeting on Thursday that the recycling committee had met to discuss the current situation.

The members zeroed in on three options as possible replacements, but quickly whittled it down to one.

First, they considered reinstituting curbside recycling, which Smith said was ultimately a “nonstarter.”

Next they considered partnering with Rockbridge County. The cost of that based on 50 percent participation would run the city a bill of close to $100,000, including the purchase of two Dumpsters that would handle the extra load in Rockbridge County.

The last option, which the committee decided to pursue further, was the rental of recycling equipment, such as bins and a compactor, with an estimate of $545 per load. This does not include electricity or labor.

“But given the significant cost-savings over partnering with the county, we decided to pursue getting a proposal from [Recycling & Disposal Solutions].”

The committee hopes to set up something “formal” by the end of December.

Plea For Civility

Mayor Frank Friedman urged neighborly civility at the Lexington City Council meeting after hearing several reports of harassment in the community.

“I had been contacted by some citizens early in the week that, while walking down the street or in a group while running, [they] had been heckled or [there were] people using vulgar language as they were going about their business,” Friedman said.

“It was disappointing to learn,” he continued. “Folks alerted the police. As we go through our days I want to remind us to be respectful, kind and patient with one another as good neighbors do.”

This statement comes on the heels of several harassment claims experienced by Washington and Lee University students this school year, with some of them being racially motivated and others seemingly designed to intimidate.

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