Glasgow Town Council Appoints Interim Member

Watts, Meanwhile, Not Seeking New Term As Mayor

Glasgow has a new Council member and it will have a new mayor next year.

Councilman Aaron Britton, just starting his second two-year term, notified Council that he is stepping down for the remainder of his term.

After some discussion at last Monday’s meeting, Council voted to have Jade Harris, a recent graduate of James Madison University with a degree in political science, who previously ran for Council but lost, to fill the seat left vacant by Britton.

Britton was also on the Rockbridge Regional Jail Commission, a position approved by the Board of Supervisors. Mayor Shane Watts suggested that new Town Manager George Hayfield be recommended to fill that position. The Council voted in favor of doing so.

Watts announced that night he would not seek reelection when his term ends at the end of this year. He said he is not able to devote proper time to the job, due to family and medical career obligations. He wanted to let Council and public know early to give time for some worthy candidates to sign up this spring to run for the office in the fall.

Also during the meeting, Council discussed the possible purchase of the old building next to the town shop on Powhatan Street. The building once housed the Glasgow Fire Department and was sold a number of years ago after the department relocated.

The building has been empty for some time, and the town is considering purchasing the building to house some of its equipment that now sits in the open. The building is in need of some repairs and it was suggested to have the building appraised and have a building inspector to look at it before any decision is made.

A month ago, a resident whose property is just outside of the town limits, but whose sewer system is connected to the town’s system, approached Council about problems with the system.

It was discovered that the line runs through several private properties before reaching the town limits and, therefore, the town is not responsible for problems on the private property.

Council voted to let the resident skip a month’s sewer fee for the inconvenience.

AT&T notified the town that the company wishes to add more antennas to the cell tower that will give better coverage.

Council voted 4-1 to approve sending a resolution to the state legislature opposing fees by the Department of Wildlife Resources for those using department-run boating access ramps.

The fees, approved in the 2020 General Assembly, would have gone into effect this July. However, the state budget that was released by the Assembly last Wednesday puts that $4 fee on hold while a study group looks at its impacts.

Council voted to purchase seven tablets for Council members to use in Zoom meetings for better sound clarity. The cost is to be around $3,500.

Council will be meeting by Zoom for the foreseeable future and the public is invited to link in through its website or Facebook. The next meeting will be on Monday, March 8, at 7 p.m.

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