Glasgow Club Learns About Owls

Glasgow Garden Club members recently enjoyed a presentation on Virginia’s native owls, including identification characteristics and owl calls, by Natural Bridge State Park ranger and educator Matt Jackson. The presentation was part of the club’s Birds & Butterflies Committee’s educational series. The Glasgow Garden Club’s September meeting took place at the Lexington home of Nancy Irons; Nancy Stikes was co-hostess. The club’s theme for 2019 monthly floral designs is Architectural and Interior Styles Through History, with September’s assignment being the Baroque style. Judges Susan McDowell and Helen Chew evaluated over 40 horticultural specimens and floral arrangements in the theme and miscellaneous design categories. Nancy Irons earned the most first/blue ribbons overall with 10 total. Awards were presented as follows:

Floral Designs

Carol Davis, theme design – blue; miscellaneous design category – blue. Nancy Irons, theme design – blue; miscellaneous design – red. Diana Irvine, miscellaneous – blue. Kim Serocki, theme design – red. Garnett Teass, theme design – blue. Valerie Vaughan, theme design – red; miscellaneous – red. Jane Vaughan, miscellaneous – blue. Doris Wright, theme – blue; miscellaneous design – blue.

Horticulture Specimens

Christine Drake – one blue; one yellow. Nancy Irons – nine blue; one red. Karen Orrison – two blue; nine red; one yellow. Sallie Thielecke – one blue; two red. Valerie Vaughan – one blue.

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