An Earlier Start Time In Lexington?

For as long as anyone here can remember, Lexington City Council’s regular meetings have started at 8 p.m. That’s at least an hour later than the start times for any other governmental meetings in the Rockbridge area. It also pushes the end times to a later hour than many citizens would like to stay out on a weekday night before a work or school day.

At Council’s most recent meeting earlier this month, Molly McCluer, who regularly attends Lexington’s meetings, proposed an earlier start time, suggesting a more convenient hour would increase citizen participation. To find out whether there’s public sentiment in favor of such a change, Council has scheduled a discussion of the proposal at its next meeting tomorrow, Thursday, that begins, yes, at 8 p.m., at Waddell Elementary School.

We’re not sure why Lexington ever began the practice of starting its meetings at an hour that frequently keeps many folks out later than they would like. It’s been surmised by some that Lexington’s residents tend to take their evening meals at a later hour than their jurisdictional neighbors, thus making the later hour more convenient. Whatever the case may be, we think it’s high time Lexington consider making a change.

We would suggest that the public input Council receives be the determining factor in whether it opts for an earlier start time. If their constituents prefer an earlier time, it would make sense for Council to give it a try and see if citizen participation increases.