Don’t Let Outsiders Influence Local Elections

Oct. 2, 2019 The News-Gazette:

A local thought for a local way of life, a plea:

Can we pull back to live within our local means?

It has been said that money is flowing into the Rockbridge area from places as far away as California, to shape our local elections. That’s disappointing, if true.

My fervent plea is to do all we can to let us locals determine who and what are best for us. I believe that if we let outsiders shape us, we may end up looking like ‘them.”

Money has a powerful influence in shaping thoughts and actions. My fear is this: if we were to allow others with money to make their way into our campaign coffers, we may be inhibited from finding our own way.

How disappointing it could be, if any elected folks looked at outsiders as their constituents, a normal cause and effect resulting from some levels of contributions.

Should anyone be offered money from outside, please be strong and say “no.” Be true to our heritage.




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