Democratic Plans Sound Like ‘Communist’ Actions

May 8, 2020

Editor, The News Gazette:

Oh, boy. That did not take long at all.

I just got a note from Senator Warner that he wants to sponsor a “National paycheck security program” that would guarantee the paycheck of every rank-and-file American worker - whatever that means. Do you have to join an organized national union and pay dues to the national party?

He is even hopeful that this proposal will be included in the next coronavirus response bill later this spring - if they have time while they are bailing out the big states like New York and California who remind us all how wealthy they are but at the same time do not have the political will to tax that wealth appropriately.

I guess he is does not remember in his old age that we have unemployment benefits in lots of states or is this just a huge federal power grab to set a “National Salary Standards” for every job in the entire nation or world?

Forget about the fear of socialism; this sounds like what the communists would do for the entire world if they could. They would be setting up a system to tell every employer and every employee what they would pay and what you would earn.

And just for good measure just like Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats, Senator Warner wants the U.S. Senate in the middle of this world crisis to hold immediate oversight hearings (translation: another witch hunt) to make sure the administration is following through on the new coronavirus response laws as Congress intended. Translation is, even the Senate Democrats want to investigate President Trump again and again and again and again.


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