Del. Campbell's Column: Priorities Haven't Changed

Editor's note: The following is this week's column from Del. Ronnie Campbell, who represents the Rockbridge area in the General Assembly.



Jan 10, 2020

First off – I want to begin by thanking you for sending me back to Richmond. Serving in the historic General Assembly has been an honor of a lifetime and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to represent you.

 These things said – my office will be sending these weekly newsletters to keep you up to date with what is happening in Richmond. If you ever need to contact me or my office - please do not hesitate to reach out. My contact information is and (804) 698-1024.


Legislative Agenda

This legislative session will be different to say the least. However, my priorities stay the same. I am in Richmond to fight for our values and will continue to advocate for our community.

 So far – I have introduced seven bills and two resolutions. The budget amendments are yet to be introduced, but I will be submitting at least four. I will also introduce a couple more bills next week. My legislation has derived from a number of constituents and advocacy groups.

 My nonpayment of wages bill looks to help working people who have experienced wage fraud. I introduced this bill last year and look forward to it being passed this year.

   I am introducing two bills that will look to protect our environment. In the Shenandoah Valley – we are blessed with beautiful sceneries, and we have to protect these lands.

 I received a couple of bill requests from localities such as Rockbridge and Augusta Counties - HB 282 and HB 875, respectively.

 As a former state trooper – I know the struggle that many of our first responders have to go through. I have a bill which would give certain workers' compensation for police dispatchers.

 Lastly, HJ 109 is requesting the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission (JLARC) to study states such as Arizona that provide such quality healthcare for our individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and see how we can adopt some of their efficient policies in the Commonwealth.

 As an example - Arizona spends roughly $27,000 per person for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Whereas, in the Commonwealth – we are spending roughly $70,000 per person for those same services.

 To follow legislation introduced by members of General Assembly, please follow this link –


Come Visit Us

We love having visitors in Richmond. Please come drop by and meet with us. We'd be happy to set up a tour of our beautiful State Capitol or you and your family. Our office number is 302 and the address for the Pocahontas Building is 900 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23219. We hope to see you soon!




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