Death A Tragedy, But Not Worth Spoiling Unity

July 15, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

Based on statistical probabilities, on the day George Floyd died, police had proximate contact with 12,000 Black/persons of color, in America, on that same day. But, only George’s encounter with police resulted in a reported death. The other persons of color who physically encountered police, “went home to their families”…that day.

Now, I know lots of people will say, “show me the evidence”, but I am not going to do that … because if I did, those persons who don’t like to admit that the problem of police interface with the public is really not much of a problem, will still make it a problem. The current “it’s a problem” narrative supports points of view and agendas, both known and unknown.

Every person is able and can assemble the probability statistics themselves. Just apply common sense. There are only so many persons of color in America, only about 45 million can be classified “Black” (sort of, almost, maybe), there are X numbers of police officers on the streets every day, there is a way to estimate probable frequency of contact and there are several dozen other contributing or mitigating statistical circumstances that would bear on any reasonable results.

One can do that by oneself and all will come up with a different answer. Everyone could lie to themselves and to each other about their individual analysis. But, at the end of the day, no matter how you do the math, your statistical analysis will produce thousands of police/ citizen encounters on a single day…showing a few thousand persons of color “going home to their families” after an interface with a cop, in America.

My number is 12,000 … today. If anyone thinks the death of a single person on a particular day in America is a heartfelt tragedy, I agree. But, to rip apart the social fabric, to spoil our national unity and our goodwill as a free society over the death of anyone, either from the knee of a cop or a COVID19 is, by any rational definition … insanity.


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