County Resident Brings Home Lessons From Monroe Institute

Nov. 25, 2019 Editor, The News-Gazette:

Just over the Blue Ridge outside the tiny village of Faber lies the world famous Monroe Institute. Inside the main building physicist Tom Campbell has returned home for what is to be his last TMI conference and I got a rare one on one interview with him one Saturday morning before the intensive five-day session in immersive exploration began.

It’s been a hundred years since the Copenhagen Interpretation stunned the world with a new description of reality based on the quantum discoveries of Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Max Plank and Albert Einstein.

Now, Mr. Campbell, the emeritus of the institute, says mankind is on the verge of a dramatic new understanding of those earlier findings with the advent of the internet and the technologies of mass communication.

“We live in a virtual reality” is the way he describes this inchoate model of super-positioning and quantum entanglement. The training he offers the initiate is an opportunity to encounter these concepts on their own through an unfolding process called “Mind awake, body asleep.” This is accomplished using acoustical technology that induces states similar to Buddhist mind abiding meditation.

“You are more than your physical body” is the mantra of TMI and the methodology promotes awareness that the primary ground of the universe is indeed consciousness. Freedom from fear, ego, belief, and expectation become apparent and need not be emphasized. This process cultivates insight jumps allowing evolutionary possibilities on an intuitive level by lowering entropy and enhancing the course of our lives through cooperation, sharing and love.

“What we do matters little,” Tom says, “but the intent behind the doing is an expression of our being that matters much.”


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