Coming To The Table Meetings Resume

Coming to the Table (CTTT) will be resuming monthly meetings Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 6 p.m. after a sixmonth break.

Future meetings will be held on fourth Tuesdays of the month. The public is invited.

Initially, meetings will be conducted online, using the Zoom app. For a URL link to meeting and further information, send an email message to

CTTT has been meeting in Lexington since August 2016. All participants are encouraged to share stories from personal experiences and family history affected by race relations. A circle process will encourage each participant to speak uninterrupted in turn in exchange for listening openly to people from different economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. By listening to varied personal stories, the hope is to gain empathy and understanding of circumstances leading to the racial tension Americans are now experiencing and to imagine a pathway to healing and restorative justice, said a spokesperson.

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