Columnist ‘Simply Wrong’ On Climate Change Issue

Oct. 7, 2019 Editor, The News-Gazette:

Climate change has been studied by scientists and governments around the world for 50 years. Scientists agree that CO2 emissions, if not markedly reduced soon, will lead to severe, potentially catastrophic, environmental and social consequences.

Mr. Bouchelle’s opinion piece last week distorts the science and future of climate change and its danger to our grandchildren. He has chosen ideas from a few, well-known skeptics such as Mr. Lomborg, about whom the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty found him guilty of “fabrication of data; selective discarding of unwanted results (selective citation); deliberately misleading use of statistical methods; distorted interpretation of conclusions; plagiarism; deliberate misinterpretation of others’ results.”

Mr. Bouchelle presents the false impression that temperatures are not rising from atmospheric CO2, that only socialists believe in climate science, and that government has no role in mitigating the climate outcomes predicted by scientists. He is simply wrong. He has not done his homework. Cherry picking politically favored sources makes writing easy and “proves” his points, but hides important truths.

Reader, don’t be fooled. Visit the NOAA, NASA, USDA and our own RACC websites. Read the summary and conclusions of the 4th National Climate Assessment Volume 2 (, free online, that has been mandated by Congress as an every four- year composite report by more than a dozen federal agencies to Congress and the American people, to know what American science is predicting for our climate future. Understand what these scientists and economists recommend to lessen CO2 emissions (carbon “tax,” renewable energy, etc.) and then vote wisely.


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