City Planners Forward Comprehensive Plan

The Lexington Planning Commission last Thursday approved its draft of the comprehensive plan. Next, the plan will go to City Council for approval.

The comprehensive plan serves as a decision-making guide for city officials; it defines the city’s goals as well as strategies for achieving those goals. Comprehensive plans are typically updated every five or so years.

Since the public forum earlier this summer, the Commission made some additions to its plan. It specified and enhanced its goals for diversity, equity, and inclusion; it refined the historic resources chapter for a more “inclusive history.” It also included language to address concerns about the expansion of Washington and Lee University. And it refined the green infrastructure plan. Plus, it made a lot of granular, typographical edits to the language.

At the Sept. 10 meeting, a few public comments were made.

“Taylor Street becomes Spotswood when you head into town, and I’ve developed kind of a vision, walking by that beautiful open sunny spot of rolling grass that the city owns,” Doug Cumming said.

His vision was for “solar panels, farms, community solar panel farms.”

Cumming asked that the comprehensive plan’s commitment to solar energy become more specific in its support of solar energy.

“Even a small town should lead in the transition” away from fossil fuels, he continued.

Lee Merrill agreed with Cumming that the comprehensive plan should be committed to finding more opportunities for solar energy. He also said that modest increases in tree canopy is worth embedding into the plan.

“This has been a fantastic, and I would dare say fun and challenging exercise,” Jamie Goodin concluded.

“This document is a living document,” Matt Tuchler said. “And it can be change and it can evolve as our society inevitably evolves. “

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