Changing Names Will Hurt Tourism

July 23, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

I fear that our decision makers are being short sighted in changing street names, Cemetery names and the name of our college. Lexington is a town that depends on tourism. I feel that if all of the proposed changes take place, tourists will be less likely to visit our lovely town. I came here three years ago from the Northeast to explore this lovely town and to learn of its proud heritage. I was so impressed with it that my wife and I moved to Lexington months later.

We have strolled the streets, taken tours at W&L and VMI and have grown to appreciate the history of Lexington. To change the names of W&L or Stonewall Jackson Cemetery is short sighted. Tourists flock to Lexington to view these places. If it weren’t for George Washington’s generosity following the Revolutionary War, W&L wouldn’t exist. I ask that the people responsible for the decision making on these issues slow down and reflect on the history that will be lost if they proceed hastily.