Botetourt About To OK Wind Farm

May 18, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

Are you aware that the Botetourt County supervisors are about to approve a huge wind farm on North Mountain?

The proposed wind farm will consist of up to 22 turbines 680 feet high with blinking lights on top to enhance their visibility. These structures will be readily apparent to much of the population residing in Rockbridge County.

In my opinion, this wind farm will irreversibly impact the scenic beauty of our county. House Mountain will no longer be the primary iconic feature in our viewscape.

Does this federally subsidized project make sense? Only to a limited few seeking monetary gain at the expense to all of us who live here.

To permit this project, Botetourt County needs to change its Special Exception Permit and the County Wind Ordinance.

The engineering and science data about this project indicate the benefits are marginal at best. Are wind turbines a clean source of energy? Not really. Look into the environmental cost associated with the production of a wind turbine. If you want more information about this proposed project, go to

If the diminishment of the scenic values of our county are of concern to you, voice your views to the appropriate elected officials and others who can influence the decisionmaking process.


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