Biggest Threat Is Those ‘Who Believe In ‘The Steal’’

Jan. 11, 2021

Editor, The News-Gazette:

The following quote was from The Eurasia Group website, a political-risk consultancy, “A world in [political] crisis will miss the leadership and cooperation of an engaged and well-functioning superpower … the next president is seen as illegitimate by roughly one third of the country — and by some of the lawmakers that election skeptics send to Congress. Most … risk here is domestic …”

So the biggest political threat to the world and our country’s democracy is the growing portion of our electorate who believe in “the steal.” Those who stormed the Capitol were the radical right portion of this electorate who were willing to commit violence. They are domestic terrorists.

As a former teacher I taught my students to look at all sides of an issue, investigating the facts, forming an opinion based on those facts. This is also the core of scientific inquiry. Opinions and theories are never absolute, but change as new facts are discovered. Logical thinking must guide a search for truth.

Those who assert that the presidential election was rigged must logically believe that all (Republican and Democrat) Supreme Court members, 60 judges in court challenges to election results, thousands of poll workers and state electoral commission members, were either part of a conspiracy to falsify the election results, or were grossly ignorant of crimes being committed.

As an example I offer Georgia’s Republican Gabriel Sterling who gave a press conference detailing how many accusations of fraud had been investigated. Please go online and carefully read how each claim of fraud by Trump and his allies were debunked. Please educate yourselves. Find out what safeguards are put in place by our own Virginia electoral board. As a poll worker I have been impressed by what has been done to ensure that everyone’s vote is counted and safeguarded.

I beg of everyone to examine the facts when forming your opinions. Do you realize the consequences of your beliefs? If you believe in “the steal” then you believe that our democracy is dead and voting has no legitimate purpose anymore. Please America, think again!


Buena Vista

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