Biden Turning Country Into ‘A Socialist State’

Feb. 15, 2021

Editor, The News-Gazette:

I’m responding to the letter from Mr. Putbrese about giving Mr. Biden a pay raise. I agree with him and we would need to give Mr. Biden a huge raise to come anywhere close to what China has already given to him. But, I prefer Mr. Biden do what President Trump did and take no pay at all.

President Trump received no pay and fought every day to help save this country from the socialist/democratic party.

Mr. Biden shouldn’t take any pay given what he has already done to this country in less than a month. We now have boys competing with girls in girls’ sports causing those girls to lose championships and scholarships. On Day One he stopped the Keystone pipeline causing thousands to lose good paying jobs and how long will they have to wait for the new “green jobs”?

He is opening up our southern border and stopping the wall from being finished, adding more people to our welfare and health care systems. Do I need to go on?

So far Mr. Biden deserves no pay for turning this country into a socialist state. Next will be communism - maybe not in my lifetime but it is coming. China will not need to lift a hand - the Democrats will do it for them. I suggest listening to ‘G. Edward Griffin – April 3, 1969 – Communist revolution in America’ on YouTube. Mr. Griffin was right on in what he saw in 1969 related to what is going on in America today - 52 years after he made this talk.

Some may say Mr. Griffin was controversial but for me living in these times he was right on the mark. Our only hope is that God will save this country from those who are out to destroy it from within.


Natural Bridge

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