Ben Cline ‘Should Know Better’

Oct. 24, 2019 Editor, The News-Gazette:

I see on the news that our congressman, Ben Cline, was one of the persons that barged in on a hearing in the House of Representatives.

Maybe 20 or 30 of my best friends and I should go and break in on the next hearing. No, that would probably not be a good idea as I would most likely end up in jail. Well I guess my question is if I would go to jail, why didn’t Ben Cline and his buddies go to jail?

Also, I don’t believe we sent Ben Cline to Congress to commit illegal acts. We sent him there to represent us, his constituents. If Ben Cline thinks breaking the law is what we sent him to Washington to do maybe he should have a few more town hall meetings so we can discuss this with him. Yes, he has had town hall meerings , but that was before he decided to break the law! If Ben Cline wants to act like an out of control frat boy he should quit Congress and go back to college!

I am told that Ben Cline claims innocence due to not entering the SKIF room. Engaging in a conspiracy is a crime. Contributing to the crimes of others is a crime. If Ben Cline had no part in the hearing he should not have been there. If he was part of the hearing, then he knew the complaints of the Republicans was a lie. Ben Cline is supposed to be a lawyer. He should know better.


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