For Ayers

Editor, The News-Gazette:

I could not agree more with Victoria Black’s letter to the editor on Oct. 16. As a former school teacher, I admire all that Leslie Ayers has does for our school children of Rockbridge County.

As a woman now in my eighth decade, I would like to add how much she has does for the senior citizens as the aquatic director of the Rockbridge Aquatics Center. Many people don’t realize how many of us use the pool for exercise and therapy as well as for recreation and a time to be with each other. We owe this amazing community asset to her.

She will continue her hard work to bring people together to do good things for our county. As a teacher, mother, farmer and longterm resident of Rockbridge County, she will represent us all.

I am very happy to support Leslie Ayers. She will be an honest woman’s voice on our Board of Supervisors.


Buffalo District

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