Area Should Be Proud Of Businesses, Schools

April 23, 2021

Editor, The News-Gazette:

On a stroll about town Saturday evening, my wife and I were happy to see most eateries and pubs (from the Lexington Restaurant and Niko’s all the way to Pure Eats) filled to within safety guidelines, shop windows and art galleries lit up with all manner of objects, some new enterprises getting started - like the new workout center next to the hotel, and sidewalks filled with happy folks.

Even though masked, you could tell they were all smiling.

As we got to the steeper incline of Main Street, we heard the wonderful sound of jazz music provided by VMI’s Jazz Ensemble emanating from the Patton Room at the Georges.

In a month that has seen much progress in the way of subduing an historic and tragic global pandemic and an increasingly brighter forecast with respect to life in general, I would like to give a shout out to businesses and institutions of our vibrant town and area.

From health care (especially health care!) to hardware, car repairs to concrete, restaurants to real estate, banks and bookstores, schools – you name it – all stepped up to the challenges of Covid and apparently have succeeded – and survived.

Our businesses worked to provide the public with some touches of normalcy during even the toughest of months in this past year, remaining open as much as possible balancing service with safety.

Our university campuses have each, in their own way, worked hard to test and act on stopping the spread of coronavirus while managing to offer students a robust educational experience. They each have offered remote access to speakers, performances, and other events as well as some direct access to outside sporting events.

Our town should be enormously proud of these fine institutions and businesses. We had a delightful evening in our town last Saturday in what we hope will be many more for this town and its residents.


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